To develop a multi-channel social campaign that gave owners the chance to shout about all the ways pets enrich their lives. The Argos Little Hero Awards was born. The campaign was driven by a 6-week competition mechanic that was split into multiple stages to maximise engagement.


Online banners and social media posts directed customers to enter their pet stories and photos to a microsite.


A team of pet lovers judged the entries to select our 10 heroic finalists, then social media followers were invited to vote for the winners. Over the campaign, related content was pushed-out via social media to drive more traffic to the competition, as well as an email to existing customers to achieve engagement.

The 3 highest scoring cats and dogs won up to £100 to spend in Argos, as well as a bespoke DM pack complete with certificate and hero mask for their pets to wear. Their owners were encouraged to share a photo of their pet’s super alter ego on social media, to drive engagement once the competition had ended.



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